You are tracking – they are working
We present an employee tracking system, which works with the help of fitness trackers, Bluetooth beacons, and artificial intelligence.
Industrial plants
Shopping centers
What is Asama?
Asama is used to monitor the performance of waiters, shop assistants, sales representatives, security agents, cleaners, builders, warehouse employees, and factory workers.

It works in any sphere where you need to keep track of employees coming too late or leaving too early, not being present at the working place, working actively throughout the day, and following routes and schedules.
Where is Asama used?
Security agencies
We install a Bluetooth beacon inside the building where your employees work. The beacon transmits regular signals around the working space. According to this signal, trackers can identify the location of employees.
How it works?
We configure the system, which should feature employees' profiles, their working places, tracker ID, and work schedule. If necessary, we also add routes and their timetable.
An employee comes to work and puts on a tracker. The tracker starts looking for a beacon signal. If there is a signal – the working time tracking is on. If there is no signal or the tracker is not on the hand – the working time tracking is off. A built-in accelerometer tracks the activity.
Trackers send data to the system via Wi-Fi. The artificial intelligence checks if the tracker was on the hand or not and whether the right person was wearing it. It identifies if the person was standing, sitting, or sleeping.

In your mobile app, you get a report about how each employee spends their working day.
Analyze the activity of your employees
Observe the activity of your employees throughout the working day. You will be surprised by how this will improve their productivity.
Spend 5 minutes a day monitoring
Receive performance reports for each employee on a daily basis. See the actual duration of one's working day: when they came to work, when they left, and how many hours they spent working.
Spend 5 minutes a day monitoring
Receive performance reports for each employee on a daily basis. See the actual duration of one's working day: when they came to work, when they left, and how many hours they spent working.
Promptly react to major discipline violations
Receive notifications, which require your immediate action to avoid massive business losses. Configure the settings of a major discipline violation as you wish.
Identify systemic violators
Each month, get reports and see the behavior rates of your employees. Maybe, there is someone you should end your cooperation with or someone whose effort should be praised.
Radius of action
67 g
44 x 44 x 15 mm
3 – 100 m
-20 – +40°С
1 – 3 years
ibeacon (bluetooth low energy)
Bluetooth beacon
Data transmission
Activity control
3 days without charging
water- and shockproof
Wi-Fi, bluetooth
Inside localization
What if an employee gives his tracker to a different person?
The artificial intelligence recognizes sabotage using accelerometer data since each person has their own pace, step amplitude, and other walking patterns. Also, the system precisely identifies when the tracker is being put on or taken off.
How does the system keep track of employee's movement around the working place if he or she removes the beacon, puts it into a pocket, and just leaves?
To remove a beacon, you have to open the coat, which has a built-in opening sensor. It will immediately notify the system about the violation. We also have clients who fasten beacons with an assembly tape and seal the beacon with a unique sticker. This approach has also proved to be effective.
We practice shift work. Can one tracker be used by a few employees?
Yes, it can. For each employee, we add the MAC address of their mobile phone to their profile information in the system. Each employee will be able to log in to the system and turn on the tracker by syncing it with their mobile phone via Bluetooth.
But for Wi-Fi, is there any other way to transmit tracker data?
You can also transmit tracker data via Bluetooth synchronization with the mobile app "Asama work". In turn, the app will send the information to the system via the cellular network. For now, this app is being developed.
If the Wi-Fi connection is down, will tracker data be lost?
No, it will not. Each tracker has a memory card.
How to make an employee work with a tracker?
You do not have to make them. Instead, you pay them wages only for the number of hours tracked with Asama.
Why Would You Choose Asama?
Asama is the most effective control system as it uses the most up-to-date technology of 2019.
We will install a system in a working zone for 10 employees. You will test the system in action and make sure that it is effective. Just leave a request.
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