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A micro-location system for tracking movement and activity of employees with the help of smartwatches and Bluetooth beacons.
1. Beacon
We install beacons, which transmit a periodic signal, indoors. Judging by these signals, smartwatches define the location.
How Does It Work?
Radius of Action
Localization Accuracy
Type of Fastening
67 g
44 x 43 x 25 mm
100 m
-20 – 40°С
1 – 3 m
assembly tape
2 years
ibeacon (Bluetooth low energy)
2. Smartwatch
The watch scans and records beacon signals and accelerometer data. It uploads this data into the system via Wi-Fi. This way, it can define where the watch is, whether the right person is wearing it, and if the employee is sleeping. If the employee leaves the premises, the smartwatch starts tracking their movement via GPS.
Activity Control
Data Transmission
Outside Localization
Inside Localization
3 days without charging
Water- and shockproof
3. System
We model the indoor map and upload it into the system, identify the location and ID of each beacon. For each employee, we define zones and routes and assign a personal smartwatch. The employer installs a mobile app and gets access to the system.
Disciplines employees
Tracks schedule
Boosts productivity
Tracks movements
Shows who comes late and who leaves early
Reveals deceit or sabotage attempts
Integrates with the surveillance system
Monitors workplace presence
Monitors activity
Integrates with WMS for the route optimization
Find Employees
See the real-time location of your employees and instantly find the person you need.
Track Activity
Each employee has a work zone. Keep track of any time spent not working: smoking, sleeping, going to the toilet, or not being present at work.
Track Schedule
See the actual duration of one's working day: when they came to work, when they left, and how many hours they spent working.
Check Suspicious Activity
Integrate ASAMA with a surveillance system. If you have doubts about a certain employee, see what the person is doing.
Optimize Workspace
See the heatmap and find out which places are the most and the least frequently visited. Make sure that the most popular places are easily accessible.
Optimize Routes
Augment your Warehouse Management System (WMS) with factual data about employees' movement when going outdoors. Keep track of movement speed and identify each route deviation.
Receive daily data reports for each employee: the number of hours spent working, ratings, and productivity dynamics.
How to install ASAMA?
Step 1
Step 3
Step 4
We analyze the workspace, estimate the number of beacons and smartwatches, calculate the budget.
We assign smartwatches and conduct training for employees. Each employee is assigned work and no-entry zones.
The employer installs and configures the mobile app. The system is ready.
Step 2
We install beacons indoors and configure the system.
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